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Elite Fighting Championships:  Supremacy

Vancouver, BC
March 18, 2006

Elite Fighting: Supremacy was the biggest martial arts event Vancouver had ever seen.  It had top-level local talent battling international stars of MMA at the Center for Performing Arts in Downtown Vancouver. The CentreThere were big hits, huge knockouts and incredible submissions that made the evening fly by.

The entire evening was filled with brilliant fighters showcasing the skills that they dedicated their lives to perfect.  Every man who entered the ring was in peak condition and fought bravely in an attempt to prove to the crowd, and themselves, that they could be an Elite Fighter.  While only one man could win each bout, every fight was a true battle and every fighter showed how much heart it takes to survive in the ring.

In the main event Marvin "The Beastman" Eastman took on veteran of the UFC and 49 professional The CentreMMA fights Travis "Diesel" Wiuff in a bout that had the fans on their feet cheering. The Beastman won the bout after 4 grueling 5-minute rounds and became the first Elite Light Heavyweight Champion. This bout, along with the rest of the Elite Supremacy card just finished a successful run on Pay Per View and Video on Demand.

Elite competitors battle in a ring instead of in a cage, which ensures that the live audience has The Centreexcellent views from all four sides of the ring. An unfortunate challenge for those who use the cage is that while it looks good on TV, the live audience is often left unsatisfied due to terrible sight lines and cameramen in the way.

We at Elite hope you enjoy your evening at the fights and feel that it is "The Worlds Most Authentic and Entertaining Fighting Experience".  Please cheer on your favorite fighters, celebrate their wins and support them in their losses.  These men and women are highly motivated by your clapping, whistling and encouraging yells so please remember that as a fan, you give them strength.

Elite Fighting Team.

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