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Elite Executives

Rob Harris
Rob Harris

Business Experience:
- Licensed Realtor in BC
- 10 years experience in business management

Fight Promotion Experience

- Co-Founder of NFC (National Fighting Challenge)
- 11 years experience in live fight event promotions

Personal Fighting Experience:
- Competitive background in boxing and martial arts

"Life is great! I have always been passionate when it comes to martial arts, so being involved in this project is very gratifying to say the least. As a past fighter turned promoter I realize the importance of respecting the talented fighters in this sport.

My goal is to showcase this talent in a fashion where the fighter, the fan and our valued corporate sponsors all succeed. In my opinion, with the exciting action within Mixed Martial Arts, there are no limits to the growth of this sport."

Mike Hammoud

Fight Promotion Experience:
- Co-Founder of NFC (National Fighting Challenge)
- 12 years experience in live fight event promotions

Personal Fighting Experience:
-Instructor of full contact karate and kickboxing for over 20 years
- Martial arts training from the age 9 including 14 professional fights

"I left my birthplace of Beirut, Lebanon with my wife and young son, for a better life in Canada, back in 1988. I started in Canada as a martial arts instructor for elementary kids in North Vancouver and have continued doing so to this day.

Matchmaking is my real expertise as well as my passion. It takes a clear mind to match fights correctly as fighters put their faith and trust in your hands. As a past fighter myself, I treat all fighters as if they were my own students. Matching evenly skilled opponents in order to create exciting entertainment in a safe enviroment is my ultimate goal."

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